A United Kingdom

We would go back to our country if we could

But you came and took us from our country.

You placed us on beautiful islands

But you perverted it with the blood of our toil.

You offered reparations after the abolition

But you gave it to the white man instead.

You sent us to fight a white man’s war

But you didn’t acknowledge our soldiers.

You needed the Indians to fight in the war

But you didn’t set the Indians free.

You invited us to live in the motherland

But Maggie didn’t offer us our freedoms.

You gave us the right to vote in elections

But if you wanted a nigger for a neighbour, you voted Labour.

You made us go to work

                  But you beat us on our way there.

You let us buy our own homes

                  But you beat us on our way back.

You condemned the Nazis for the Holocaust

                  But you gassed us in Brixton, Toxteth, Hadsworth and Chapeltown.

You told us to go back to our country

                  But we don’t know what is ours, because you took it from us. 

-Tianna Johnson