bad for me, bad for you

We are bad for each other.

I am fiery and logs of wood burn Underneath my skin, The embers fall softly, slowly, Ready to singe whosoever Dares to come near.

You are frosty, cool to the touch, With a heart encrusted with ice, Shards of which point outwardly, Threatening to gouge anyone who Gets close.

You wonʼt trust me, And I donʼt know you, So we dance to the same tune, Never trusting, almost loving, Finger tips grasping for what will Always be out of reach. Us, love, I donʼt know itʼs all a blur.

We stay like this, wrapped up in each other, Ignoring the pain we bring To one another in order to satiate Our own selfish need for love.

Our bodies intertwined but Our natures mismatched.

I steady myself, clasping your frostbitten hands, Ready to warm you, But you are haste to remind me that I am a flame And if you get too close I will burn you.

I donʼt know what I am doing to you, Iʼm not sure what youʼre doing to me.

But still, I cling to you, gifting you all my heat, And we begin again, A cycle stuck on repeat.

Although we will never last.