Bird's sonnet

A somber bird she sings a song I’ve heard before She sings all morning, noon, eve-long. Bird waits for Sun to water her songs with

harmony A tune to bless all of Humanity

Like a biblical verse we’ve forgone and replaced with modern-age technology

“A new age is coming,

” Bird sings, “A rebirth in

sonic melody, so that

vibrationally a new tune

may rise and heal the

many, here’s a prayer for


Bird sees beyond her scope She knows

more than she leads on Quiet in her

vibrant poise her grace softer, more

tender than the rest 

Bird flaps her wings

Looking out west

Where oceans rise

and move in waves

inching close and

sheepishly pulling


Bird’s eye sees present, past and

future She sees it all in circle 

A cyclical refrain Like a

verse from a forgotten Vedic

poem Sage and 

Abundant in wisdoms

Whispered from ancient

lands carried by age-old winds

Bird’s heart grows strong

Her vision calm She

sings her lovely song

-Andrea Aliseda