Black Girl Magic

All women are beautiful

Fierce and fantastic

But there’s just something about black girls

That makes us magic


With great ambition and determination, we stand strong even though

When stood amongst our female counterparts we regret to know,

Our race is pinned against us,

Ranking us the lowest of the low

Before we even get a chance to show

The wonders of our magic

Black girls magic


Its hard enough being black in this contemporary society

Where we have to work twice as hard to be considered for equal opportunity

Because at every corner we are reminded and see

Such hurtful and demeaning things

In implicit societal messages that suggest our inferiority

That toxically transform to self-fulfilling prophecies

Perpetuating a cynical cycle of the slave mentality

And sadly, that’s only one half of the story

As we face life as a woman in a world shadowed by a man’s glory

Where we repeatedly give our blood sweat and tears in child birth

From our beautifully sculpted bodies we push out new life to this earth

We can essentially birth a whole nation

Yet there’s so much debate and delegation

As men try to regulate women’s choices on pregnancy terminations

Being pro black in this society can be challenging

While being a strong woman in a patriarchy can be intimidating

But can you imagine being both?

Being in the centre of two identities

You’re torn

Like a sharp double-edged sword

There’s no telling what side of you will

Slice into you deeper, hurt you the most and the pain you’d feel

It’s true that with time we begin to heal

But in a rush to find answers now

And to get instant change and gratification somehow

You cut yourself and watch as your thick blood trickles down

Thickened by the bravery of our ancestors, so courageous so profound

But still you witness the drops of blood hit the ground

It shows signs of your pain

That physically mark the emotional pain you’ve suppressed and only now found

But through this discovery

You find a black woman’s will, power and unwavering bravery

To keep ploughing on amongst the injustice and hardship she faces exponentially

Because that’s what black women do

And let’s not forget how beautiful we look doing it too

In all different shades and sizes, we come

Reflecting the beauty of the motherland we’re from

Dripping with mesmerising melanin

Oozing with chocolate so rich it would make your head spin

When you consider the various shades and complexions we come in

We are so beautifully created

With mother natures very own hand

We were delicately sculpted and painted

Our hair blessed with so much versatility

Curls, locs, braids, we execute hairstyles so creatively


So to the black women and black queens that have come before me

That stand with such power and royalty

Thank you for instilling within me

The special dose of black girl magic

The golden key to comprehending me beauty

-Elizabeth Eretusi