body frowns

She stared in the mirror

Clenching onto bunches of flesh wishing they would dissolve on que of her contact 

Wanting each piece of chocolate to melt through her fingers, problem solved

Each drop swimming along in the river of her tears and in the pool of her fears 

Which flowed to the rhythm of the story of how she wasn't good enough.


Her seasons of sadness morphed into ecliptic seasons of madness

She stood wondering why she did not have those thick thighs or why her face didn't create slits to allow for almond-shaped eyes 

The ones that have a displayed beauty on the lids

Hiding a multitude of sins 

But little did she know that those visionary spheres were untelling

Of all the pain hidden in disguise by those oh so beautiful eyes.


She didn't realise that the ones she idolised had their own insecurities 

Sugar coated by sweet nothings whispered in brief speech

Nurtured in deep sleep

Where the demons would settle in the mind 

No respecter of time or person 

Waking up in the morning, comforted by an empty feeling of nothing. 


The glossy pictures highlighted the perceived perfection caught by mainstream attention 

Contoured bodies photoshopped for deception

Her view of what was considered to be beautiful was overshadowed by that which she saw in front of her eyes

Her self esteem masked by the faces in the media so she failed to realise 

That true beauty lies within

Is reaffirmed by your confidence in your skin

Is you being unforgiving and unapologetic of who you were made to be.

-Anneliese Amoah