Consent, F, 19

It’s such a shame what happened to Consent, don’t you think?

I just saw her the other day and she looked fine.


I’ve known her since I was girl,

Such a beautiful young lady

Ah! – she was surely going places.

She was on the red carpet the other day!

Yes, at that big Hollywood event.

A reporter asked:

Consent, what are you wearing?


“On my feet is Delusion,

The jewellery is False Impression.

My make-up’s by Deception

And my dress? Misapprehension.”


She was with that chap — you know the one

Malicious Intentions. 

What a beautiful



If only I knew what was going to happen to her…

Perhaps I could have stopped it.


But, there she lays,

The most tragic gravestone I have ever seen:

“Here lies Consent, Female, Nineteen.”

-Tianna Johnson