These...Severed heads of Medusa masquerade as

dust smitten surveillance cameras.

Peeping Toms observe as Jerry barely makes ends meet.

His wrinkled fur laden forehead speaks twisted tales of lost bothers,

grieving mothers and silenced fathers.

Either absent, emotionally unavailable or overwhelmed by the struggles

they hoped to someday grow though.

Questioning why in one lifetime, these moments that multiply ones lifetime,

chose you.

Facial features, fixed into memory like clay pieces.

Deep seeded desires to be fertile left buried neck high in faeces.


...Forging forward anyway.


Permanent smiles distract from keloid scares that

hide away between folded creases.

Tucked out of sight of those who wish to

judge our wounds in secret.

Lingering lips embalmed with the scent of

falling leaves foretell the coming of autumn.

All will fall from their branches.


...But some will forge forward anyway

-Ade 'XuestLove' Yusuf