Dating from our perspective

Why is dating so hard?

This is asked because dating (from personal experiences) is dangerous. Not dangerous but hellish. Circus
like, if you will. Why?

Everyone is frontin’

Two people are talking, no they’re dating.

But Keisha saw him with Toya last week.

No she didn’t see but heard from a co-worker that…

That what?

All this hearsay, can’t trust people.

No one wants to be played for a fool.

Women in the city have caught on to men vs. women ratio.

And have developed rosters of our own.

Now dating is completely broken.

Does sliding in the DMs work?

Tinder still only used for fucking?

Forgot to add this is from the woman’s perspective – obviously.

So how does this get fixed?

No clue.
How to address the dilemma of women in the city having to choose from law abiding citizen who may be
boring vs. hood nigga.
Is it only these 2 options?
I mean everyone knows church niggas ain’t shit. Right?
So what if we went outside the race?
So I can push out a 10 lb. baby that don’t look like me?