Free lunch

If I can ever repay you for the time you've sacrificed so I can make use of mine I would

For the times you had to subdue your desires and dreams for mundane jobs just so that your struggle won't be evident on the surface, I would

But it would take me more than one lifetime to do so

If I can alter the societal system that we live in so that it recognised the worth of our parents, that migrated from their Sub-Saharan African places of birth I would, but what good is a loud voice in a land where it'll inevitably be deemed as ‘aggressive' and ‘disruptive'? 

A land where black silence is preferred? A land built on soil that is corrupted? A land where our ideas are considered ‘absurd ' then replicated right under our noses?

If I can give you peace for the nights where your sleep was disturbed I would, but I can't turn back the hands of time, I can only create a better future. Even though I struggle through it I know my ends will justify the means because I know life put you through it

So, I thought if I stayed in school, went to university and made something of the tools you embedded in me, maybe one day I could get you a home with a pool, somewhere you didn't have to work under a company that doesn't care for people like me and you

So, for now as I build please hold on because the four walls that surround you won't be your dwelling place for long, I'm working something out but bear with me

Wrap your traditional cloth gracefully knowing that this too shall pass and walk with your head held high, as though you own the blue in the sky and the green in the grass

Despite our parents' efforts we've been informed to ‘despise the free lunch', but truth be told it was the only way some people ate. It took me years after I left school to realise this

Regardless of how your plate was filled, if there was a will there was a way, even if it meant putting all pride aside and letting the council lead the way

and reside in social housing which didn't represent the ideal place for your seed to stay

So, if it was free lunch I ate back in year 8 because the government said you didn't earn enough, then I'll be glad I ate it with pride

Because the government couldn't calculate the wealth in your heart and the worth you possess in my eyes.



-Z.A Fontaine