Half the Moon

What would you say if I told you,
That my smile was a crack in my heart?
It is many years of pain gilded and placed on this face.
What would you say if I told you,
That my laugh is the collision of emotions?
Happiness meets sadness and a storm of uncertainty creates the thunder.
How would you take it if I told you,
The beating of my heart is time ticking away?
The time it took for me to find the other half of me.
What would you say if I said,
You’re only half of the moon and I am the other?
You always pull me in and I am always pushing them out.
What would they say if I told them,
They branded my skin and made it burn when you touched me?
Burning fires, before I realise you are winter and you have come to put them out.
How would you feel if I told you,
You are water, shallow and relaxed?
You give me life and make me grow and come as dew in the mornings.
What would I have said if they told me
At 16, that I won’t be alone in this forever?
Because somewhere in the universe, half the moon awaits.

-Jorgie Bain