HEr Hips.

She calls herself Lilith

(She has an insatiable smile).

I'd like to try to get her to finish

With some style,

To please her, at least for a while.


But I've never been here before So I don't know how to act Faced with this open door.

The mandem react

With sly looks, daps and no tact.


I talk big, with

Puffed chest and crooning lies

To coat her ears with honey.

She turns, back looking like money,

Flashing come-to-bed eyes.

She leads I follow, but only when

One of my boys slips me protection And he says "last more than ten".

That's when I fear rejection.

Till I look in her direction.

Her hip's direction.

Her hip's directin'.

I see perfection.

-Tomi Oyemakinde