Here's shelley!

in the lobby of a

hotelall jack and no play
makes me a dull girl

mass frightened, you pick up your knife
and I say thank you,

I topple over in grimace
Frequently understated,
the wrinkles in the bathtub,
the number of times you screeched for me to smile
to hold my breath while my husband felt his life exhale
and I say thank you

to all the black ties, folded, laundered,
you say I need another drink
and I say thank you

We laugh „ha ha“ at the bear
Tony says he has the right angle
„But the halls make no sense
of direction, both hexed, a mirror
in this marketplace

I‘ll eat your heart out,
Perhaps with an axe
and I say thank you

We‘re the same, us girls
Is there not enough evidence?
He killed the twins two
We can‘t be sure,
But the carpet‘s memory knows

You gotta be ready
You‘re wasting everybody‘s time now
They said turn over
They said video rolling
And all that
And I said thank you

-Taylor Hunsberger