I miss You

It’s been a while and I miss you..

The way your arms snake around my hips.

How your voice echoes through my ears.

The shivers that race down my spine every time you touch me.

When your hand clasps around my neck.

That initial moan when you first greet me on the inside.

Each word I struggle to utter when I feel the depth of each stroke.

That feeling of being fulfilled by you.

Our body temperatures rising as they bounce off one another.

How my eyes close and take in the moment as I take you in too.

My sanity escaping my mind as your body drives mine crazy.

A combination of moans floating around in the air.

The way your grip tightens as your seed sows into me.

It’s all imprinted in my head so clearly.

The way you’ve imprinted your mark on me.Just the thought of it all makes me yearn for that moment again.

Memories have me feeling like when you don’t turn the tap off correctly.

I’m sure you remember how it feels when I get like that.


So, I hope you’re doing okay. Oh, and did I tell you I missed you?

-Sasha Harper