Love and other drugs

I never quite liked the smell of grass
Until you made me a daisy chain
That stained the whites of my skirt.

I can’t see the colour blue
In the same way since you
Traced my name in the sky.
And now everything is tinged
In that same hue.

I love to breathe you in
And watch you just be.
A peace washes over me,
And I understand that we are just cogs
In a wheel, there is no grand plan.

I love the way that laughter
Wells up inside you and
Then erupts forth into the air,
flowering my ears with the sound of light
and happiness.

You have left me contented, delighted.
One dose of you leaves me appreciative,
Excited that we are in sync,
With hearts that beat in time,
Fingers that are intertwined,
Lips that whisper a thousand
sweet somethings.

I collect these memories like pounds,
Storing them away for the time
Where your horizon is no longer
The same as mine.