Love's War

How long will we lie awake 

Waiting for sleep to consume us so we can shift focus from this pain 

Yet we stare up at the stars all teary eyed not willing to let this moment pass away.

Maybe that's why we always run back to one another 


As if to say our love was a treasure that we found after the war of effort 

And letting go would render useless the sacrifices of the soldiers who died to occupy the land of your heart  

Soldiers like my pride I laid to rest

So I lay here at 4 hours and 34 minutes past midnight 

Asking myself where do I start 


Should I begin by deleting each and every moment we shared 

All the way down to the first poem I wrote about you 

Or our first kiss on your bed 



You were like the weekend

 something I looked forward to after my 9-5 we used to chill on the weekend 

How could we let this end 

We used to talk about our future

And the way we'd do stuff 


A notion of forever entwined with eternity and cast into a lifetime

Of joy and hope and love 


That's what we said defined us 


Things like that are what built trust 


Nah bun it, things like that are what built us.


Now look at what we lost, 

I know this was pure love,

This was more than just mere lust,

Hurt is what breaking up does,

But I guess we’ve done what we must.