Those wild winds they whisper,
A heartbroken kind of song.
The tree’s tears drop on my shoulders
Asking where it all went wrong.

The big ocean shouts its death
It's been doing so for years.
But what’s the use in shouting loud
When no human ever hears?

The air was free and gleeful
Giving life to everyone.
It’s trapped within our atmosphere
Filling corrupted lungs.

The rainforest was so happy
‘til it was forced to kneel for man
Now all its ten million children
Have perished within the land.

What gave the right to humans,
To enslave these ancient trees?
They were once kings of kingdoms
They were once a king to thee.

What are we doing to our mother?
All we do is turn our cheek.
Death is all that awaits us,
While it’s power that we seek.

We are children of this planet,
And we take and take and take.
But our mother is mother to everyone,
Even the children that we make.

The sky was rich in colours,
Now it’s filled with clouds of grey.
For the damage that we all have done
Is the price our children pay.

-Jorgie Bain