Music and trains

I really like music

and trains

and listening to music

on trains.

Sometimes the music, makes me forget I'm on a train,

sometimes the train makes me forget I'm listening to music,

like now.

Have you ever had a stare off with a baby ?

I have, it's awkward

I smile, she stares

I wave, she stares

She has so much emotional rage.

I wonder what she is thinking ? Do babies think ? She exists therefore she must.

I wonder what she thinks about, does she miss the womb?

I miss the womb; this world is too much to bear sometimes.

That's why I love music and trains

and listening to music on trains.

They fight over my attention so I don't have to think about anything else.

Except now,

this baby is still staring, maybe she's never seen a black person before,

or maybe, she just sees right through me.

I don't know, she's adorable though,

I hope she has a great life,

I feel sad, I remember what I read

this morning; a young girl was shot dead.

She was a baby once too.

It hurt different,


I was running late,

so I put my headphones on and got on my train and now this baby,

still staring and stirring up all these thoughts and feelings,

maybe that was her plan all along, or maybe she just needs to poop ?

I don't know but my music is still on and the train is now coming to a stop,

she quietly looks away.

I guess she has nothing left to say.

-Thara Popoola