Night Shift

Night falls, the moon reigns with a relentless tyranny, dictating its position across the depths of the night

Alert for potential invaders its rays lay dormant on the city streets as people make their way home from a 'peculiar’ night out


Shadows cast based on its unique positioning only meant that during this time everyone walked in two’s, not quite like Noah’s ark but you get the picture


A comforting ambience created by the mixture of darkness and subtle tones of light give refuge to the homeless, who lay in slumber unsure what tomorrow brings


This sensual blend provides a dwelling place for the lady of the night to entice the man weak in his nature and fortitude


He must pay her price else the truth of his midnight endeavours may be made apparent to his wife in the light of day


As the stars align in a frenzied fashion, they become less visible due to the influx of new businesses which not only gentrify the landscape but also pollutes it.


How long until nothing is in sight but a fog that refuses to move?



As endless as the moon's reign appears to be, the continuous observations of the nightfall only leads to the open invitation of the sunrise, as he peaks through the stretch of cloud awaiting the permission of the moon


With a firm acknowledgement, the moon agrees to be replaced by the sun, only under the obligation of returning 12 hours later


And with no other choice, the sun agrees with this proposition.


The sun begins to find his feet again


Streaks of his radiance sieve its way onto the once dark city streets. What was once hidden must now come to light as the people from the night find themselves in deep sleep


The lady of the night cannot stay in the presence of the sun afraid of the repercussions of the morning light, bearing the darkest of truths


The feral creatures of the night retrace their steps back into the areas that remind them of the darkness they once embraced, accompanied by the early morning commuters beginning their day where the night ended


With the moon fully descended, another day begins, just for the cycle to repeat again


There is truly nothing new under the sun,

beautiful in composition but submissive to the moon by nature.



-Z.A Fontaine