Of Flesh And Bone

You're wombed in hardness forcing time to land, To stomp on gladly, never turning back.

In utero you're slowly drifting, damned,

The rutheless waters do not cut you slack. Instead, with force, into walls you are slammed, Accepting the wails of glee at your setback, Until enough is to itself alone

As you are to yourself — of flesh and bone.


'Raw with flaws,

                Bound to hidden laws,

Deep sadness,

               Caged gladness,

Who can give my life meaning?

               More than flesh and bone...'


You speak of me though I am no devil

I gift desires bathed in maple vices.

So drink and feast giving in to revel.


              'For free?'


Not so. Why don't we talk prices?

What will it be? limb? soul? What's your level? It's fine, just pay me later what twice is.


             'Why the sharp tax?'


Does the concerned cat live?

Don't make the same mistake.

I don't forgive.

-Tomi Oyemakinde