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Concert Review: A2

Man, A2 rapping at concert
A2 performing at KOKO (2018) | Picture taken by Luceroglow

A2’s performance was nothing short of energetic and dynamic. Hundreds poured into Koko with high hopes for an entertaining set and he did not let a single fan down. The likes of Octavian engaged the crowd with some unreleased tracks alongside some well-known bangers. Most importantly, he invigorated everyone for A2’s arrival.

The set mimicked that of what is most likely the rapper’s bedroom, with an ominous "BLUE" lighting coating the stage. A2 stepped out to play Marble Flaws, which is also the first song on his debut album. The lyrics were echoed throughout the venue, and this became the trend for the duration of the night. Song after song, the crowd took in the zest he expressed on stage and rivalled his efforts by bellowing the words back at him. The loyal fans were definitely rewarded with renditions of FLOWERSXPATRON and Love Songs About Nobody: two tracks from his older, yet equally captivating mixtapes. Another element of the show that shocked the audience was that

The order of songs was split into two sections, and this was no secret...

“I’m sorry ladies, but the next couple of songs are for the mandem".

The concert started with slower and, more melodious numbers and was contrasted with the faster, upbeat ones. Moshpits formed in the standing area whilst Tell Me and X2 (Dble) were performed. His friends and fellow artists swarmed the stage and rapped these songs with him. This was no longer a show, but a party to which everyone present was invited to. When the set was coming to an end, the London rapper crouched at the edge of the platform, holding his mic and asked everyone, "anyone know what songs coming next?" After a plethora of answers, the DJ (positioned behind him all night) dropped the instrumental for Trade Places as an uproar took over the venue.

This tour was monumental for the rapper and it was evident that emotions were high throughout. He also previewed an unreleased song with opening act, Octavian, featuring on the hook- making his mark on 2018. A2 came out with a point to prove: as one of the best British talents around, and left as one of the best performers.


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