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Euphoria: Addicted to Music

The music on Euphoria is as compelling and riveting as the cinematography used. The soundtrack perfectly narrates the social-media-crazed lives of the Gen Z characters. From Meg Thee Stallion to Too $hort and Donny Hathaway - the score seamlessly oscillates from genre to genre, decade to decade.

Executive producer, Drake, had some role in the final product of the show but it was Euphoria music supervisor, Jen Malone, alongside composer Labrinth, series creator Sam Levinson and editor Julio Perez who brought the magic to life. In the series' pilot, the show's protagonist and recovering drug addict, takes drugs at a house party. As Rue isolates herself in a bathroom to take a hit, Jamie XX and Young Thug - I Know There's Going To Be (Good Times) crescendoes in the back. As her psychedelic experience transpires, the track distorts in sound all without losing the essence of the song - it's brilliant.

Each episode of Euphoria has its own anthem.  An instant captivator is the score used in the season's opener. From the piano falsetto sounds of the first 8 bars, the clattering drum patterns and hypnotic chord progressions, each component was perfectly placed by Labrinth to move the listeners. The show's official song, All For Us produced by Labinrth, is a euphoric melodic narration of the season. The song perfectly channels and depicts all elements of Euphoria - it's emotive, exhilarating, powerful and motivating. As Labrinth explains 'It's a rounding up of Rue's dream, and her dream is to be clean, to be a better version of herself'.   In the show's final scene, Rue ricochets between all parts of life, seemingly trying to make sense of the chaos. Draped in red, Rue makes a final ascension to her obvious goals of peace, sobriety and stability. The song stays true to the show's name as it's a sheer state of Euphoria.


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