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Issue 005 Throwback: Odeal

Interview taken from THE FLOOR ISSUE 005

First thing I want to talk about is how your music career began. I think it started when I was about 13. I would just post videos on YouTube and found that people were feeling them. I stopped after a while but then I went to Nigeria and obviously got influenced by lots of different artists. And my dad was like, you might as well start making music properly. So I started making actual tracks over there, came back to the UK and continued.

So you spoke a bit about inspiration that you picked up in Nigeria, which artists and what kind of sounds? Pretty much all of them to be honest, everyone comes with something different. And when you listen to them, especially like the instruments, the melodies, I was like nah, this is crazy so I picked it up.

If you had to pick out three actual artists from Nigeria whose sound you picked up, which are you picking? At the time when I was there, Patoranking was doing a lot so him. Burna Boy and Wizkid definitely.

Let’s talk about projects then, you’ve had a very busy year. Do you want to tell me a bit about them? Do you know what it is, how I make music is that I go off vibes and feeling so if I feel I’ve made this amount of songs this month then I’ll put them together into an EP and drop them or just release a single. This year was literally me, my producer- we just dropped whenever we felt like. There was no plan and I feel like that is what I’m going to do next year and just go by how people are receiving the music.

Let’s talk about your single Vicious Cycle in particular. What inspired it? And how do you feel about the great reception it’s gotten? So when I start making music I think about situations that people don’t really talk about so I thought this is something I’d love to talk about. And the song is about a woman driven to do something crazy by a guy that she is with. she’s put in a sticky situation and she’s had to do a madness. And I feel like it happens everyday, like women everywhere love their partners so much they do almost anything and sometimes it’s .bad do you know what I mean. So that was basically the vibe.

It’s still really early in your career but everyone has goals and achievements they want to hit, so what do you hope to have achieved with your music in the last 5 years? To be honest I just want to create a different wave for other artists to be able to express themselves through their music. I feel like in the UK there is a certain sound that everyone tries to go for because it’s a way to enter the scene and I feel like it doesn’t always have to be like that. Everyone is coming with something new and I just want everyone to be able to express that. By 2025 I hope that the UK scene has different sounds that everyone can appreciate.

Check out Odeal's latest project: OVMBR: ROSES


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