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Kel-P Album Review: Bully Season Vol.1

A few weeks ago we sat down with Grammy-nominated producer and artist Kel-P to talk all things songwriting and collaboration. Now the hitmaker has released his first solo EP Bully Session Vol. 1 and we’re here for this new era.

The project is opened by the Xylophone-led track Tropicana Baby with a light intro - when the beat drops you’re transported to a hammock on the beach with palm wine in hand. Kel-P’s vocals sit nicely on the track and the instrumentation in this song tells me it would be an excellent track for an acoustic session. A stripped-back version would be lovely!

The next song Sundress has a baseline that won’t leave your head, clearly a reggae-influenced track. As Kel-P croons this girl in a sundress, you can just envision being held/holding your babes in the dance - those kind of light vibes.

His lead single and the first track to lead us into this era, One More Night sits in the middle of the project. The song and video highlight Kel-P’s love for all things 2000s R&B. The Nelly and Kelly Dilemma sample sits nicely within the track and we’re presented with a seamless blend of R&B, Afro, and Dancehall vibes, a true fusion.

Staying true to the “Bully” nickname his friends bestowed on him, Kelp’s track True Love forces you to move. It’s hard to sit still through this London-produced track. It’s steady and carries the listener through the track as if you’re travelling (dancing) to the other side of the room. I think this might be my favourite on the EP; I did need another 30 seconds at the end but maybe the plan was to leave us wanting more.

Feel Lucky lends a nice end to the project, it carries on the tone of the EP and provides a nice mellow ending. It’s such easy listening and makes you want to hit replay on the track and the full project too!

All in all, Kel-P delivered a short and sweet preview of his solo artistry. The vibes are undeniable and we’re looking forward to hearing him develop as a solo artist.

Patiently waiting to hear whatever he’s cooking up next.


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