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Titan Festival Review

Just a few weeks ago, Titan Festival debuted in a very sunny Copthall playing field, NW London, providing the perfect musical balance: from Amapiano, to Soca, to Hip-Hop and RnB - every corner for the diaspora was represented.

If you told 11-year-old me she’d get to witness a variety of her childhood favourites perform live in 2022, I truly wouldn’t have believed you. But Titan Festival brought that childhood fantasy to life with a lineup featuring the likes of Lloyd, Bobby V, Fatman Scoop and Lumidee.

It was the Jusvybz tent in the V.I.P area that had my whole heart, and judging by the way the crowd was serenading the DJ and each other, I wasn’t the only one who was in their feels.

Shontelle performed a mix of her own music and covers including Rihanna - Man Down, a song which was co-written by the ‘Impossible’ singer. Fatman Scoop, the legend himself knew who to inject the crowd with energy performing his infectious tracks like Be Faithful and Drop. And as you can imagine, when Drop dropped, we all danced as if we were doing it for Lil Saint.

Bobby Valentino transported myself and the hundreds of fans straight back to the early 2000’s, performing his famous tracks like Anonymous, Slow Down and Mrs Officer, and his own renditions few 90’s classics like Jodeci - Feenin’ and H-Town - Knockin’ Da Boots.

Following the same notion as Bobby Valentino, RnB legend Lloyd closed the night by performing a variety of his infamous tracks, which includes hits like Southside, Get it Shawty and Lay it Down.

For their first festival, Titan was amazing. In the post-Covid era, festivals, particularly debut festivals, are riddled with precarity. Whether its artists cancelling, weather conditions or travel restrictions, there’s always something unexpected that has the capacity to ruin a festival. For Titan, it was T-Pain pulling out last minute for *insert reason here*. In spite of this, it was a brilliant first festival, and the first of many I hope..


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