Wash your body and brush your teeth

no one wants an extraction extraction extraction; or to smell.

Pray .

Pack your bag,

take anxiety out of your coat pocket,

you want to wear that today.

Wipe procrastination out of your eyes or conceal it.

Hurry, you've got somewhere to be. 

Remember to pray !

Your edges are a mess,  so rebellious,

gel them down, this is not a democracy.

The suns out,

don't be gullible 

where's your umbrella ?

Don't forget your glasses. 

You can't see into the future 

but you can see the past,

that car almost hit you yesterday. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, 

you love to neglect your priorities. 

Have you prayed ? 

Hello said the clock, 

before it made you late

Teeth clean body sweet 

Bag packed umbrella in

Jacket on anxiety gone ‘ish’

Edges laid Breakfast can wait 



Glasses lost



Running late so



no time to ...





-Thara Popoola