Reality vs fantasy

sometimes she forgets that she is human

most times she just wants to live in a heart

but her mind kicks in and breaks her ideal world


she really likes him, it shows but she don’t know if he likes her back

she convinces herself that he is the one

she builds a vivid concept 

that he will be her one and only


she then realise, she back into her heart

in her mind, he perceives to like her, woos her and dines her

does all the things to make her feel she is important

digs deep into her mind, body and soul

to the point she lives and breathes him 


she knows it's dangerous to feel like this

but she swims into her emotions 

he probably does not know that she feeling like this

or maybe he does 

but in her heart she feels that their intertwined like vines of roses 

her mind on the other hand is in a battle and she is losing against herself 


Little does she know 

her mind and heart both contradict each other

with their conception of love


she thinks she doing right by following her heart but her mind confuses her 

no guidance, no pathway, no light at the end of the tunnel

she tells herself


she breaks down, tears that flows like waterfalls

pain that pierces through like thorns

love that aches

That’s what her mind puts her through


Her heart then consults her 

makes her fall into a dream land

of situations that could possibly 

never happen

but she goes on to believe it


the happiness, the smiles, the joy

her heart brings until it all comes to 

an end because her mind portrays reality

and her heart portrays a fantasy

-Chanan Sharpe