You riddle your life with alleyways,

Finding space to tuck away the words that whisper themselves to you

before dawn breaks

Dreaming dreams of freedoms reign and praying someday you can walk head

High Amongst the sane again.

Smiling faces provide and creases for our secrets to hide away,

Piling sweet nothings on top of one another like the construction of a cake, but when the

Temperature rises will you burn or will you bake?

They see themselves within you, but forget that your presence does not

make their fears see through.

Lugging around weighed down eyelids overflowing with tales of personal

crisis but when asked, you claim

it was just because last night was a madness.

Hide and seek was fun when we were younger,

But now it's the only way to distance our selves from our blunders.

Truth be told there is no safety in isolation, but public reaction leaves no place for

patience and personal contemplation.

And even if the time could be squeezed out of life, revealing these long

term secrets can easily

be flipped to look like the uncovering of lies.

So how do you wipe your slate clean, without also

welcoming your own demise?

-Ade 'XuestLove' Yusuf