In my little corner of the universe I waited to bloom,

To be 

In tune, with the alignment of my core essence 

Somewhere in that little corner I met you, you pulled me with love and left me con-fused 

but grateful was I to exist in your presence.

And now you think you made me, you think you made me? 

Just wait, see;

I don’t recall that it was your hands that held those conscious books in front of my ‘blank’

face or followed the words upon the seemingly ‘blank’ page

Frantically looking for the sweet sight 

of solace from the ‘silent treatment’ you’d given me on that night 

Or why it is, that now that it’s all done 

that I have suddenly become

the root cause of all the bad in your life, 

when I used to be the one to whom you’d run 

when things went wrong and your day was rife

With confusion.

It seems to me that you’re a lost boy. 

But you’re Peter Pan so lead your flock, boy

you led me down your path, 

And claimed that you must step back, 

For my ‘bloom time’ was taking far too long 

For you 

Because you were already strong, 

Already brave and other-worldly 

You’d bloomed early and now the fact that my spring sprung later wasn’t part of your journey.

But to the one for whom my bloom was ignited - even as I write this - I smile because I now know that

I am the brightest star in my sky there has ever been –

now my haze is evergreen and I hope that one day you look back on your ‘should-have’ queen with fond memories. 

Because I know I will. 

-Halle Bertie