Simply ME

A dichotomy or rather a double entendre, an intellectual wanderer, chakras not aligned so she's spread across the genres - look across and see --the girl who's been lost in, society - she's boxed in - no configuration of what ignorance is costing--she's free.

Freed by the Hip hop blasting, bass line and passion, with the sole and solemn comfort of a lexical companion- she reads.

Pirouetting through the pages, points proven in stages, society has convinced her that solitude is dangerous -- just breathe. Identifying blindly, with a movement that is timely, change in mindset, words and headspace so shes treating herself kindly --she needs.

Time to search and alter, accept that she may falter, belief that comes from deep within not, hymn, sermon or psalter -- she's keen.

To collate all the chapters, evolutionary adapter, discovering the lesson that separates self from the rapture--at peace.

Now she looks at her reflection, notice her complexion, yet she sees through that social norm of self doubt and dejection --it's me.

-Halle Bertie