She was present yet so beyond herself.
She craved the alternate
whilst wishing for comfort
within the reality she lay restless in.
Complex feelings overcame her
and whilst she yearned for escapism
she also sought solace in Stockholm.
Symptoms of discontent
regained consciousness
and rudely awakened her,
forcing her to shake off the syndrome
she had caught,
And reject the reality
they enforced on her,
reinforcing her own depiction of bliss
and latching onto any ounce of courage
she could capture that would allow her to
Break out from the cage she was in.
She was no longer captive
but captivated by the idea of release
And motivated by the desire for true peace.
Pieces of the illusion began to concave and the truth came out
Like turning a jumper inside out, exposure prevailed.
The veil was removed so she saw Stockholm for what it was
She vowed to not settle and seek only seek solace in the one above

-Thara Popoola