I want to talk about heartbreak:
And the heartache
My heart aches
When I hear you say
Sweet names
That are not my own
And though I know
That the possessive words
Before her name is not an attack
The knife in my back
Needs to come out slowly
And leave my aching heart

I want to talk about pain.
The pain that has pained
And made the pane of the windows
To my soul look old
As tears stain a cheek
Once kissed and caressed
By men who were mine for
Weekends and nights
While the loves of their lives
Sat on pedestals so high
That they were not in my sight.

I want to talk about the would and the could:
The bad and the good
Good times and bad times,
The mad times the sad times
and slow times and fast times
The moan times, the gasp times,
The stops and the starts
The firsts and the lasts
the sing times, the cry times
The true times and lie times.

But what I will not do
Is write another poem for you.



-Tianna Johnson