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Artist Watch: Harry Crane

Harry Crane is North West London's up and coming gem. With a sound that isn't being properly represented in his area, Crane stands out by fusing rap with jazzy instrumentals and a Lo-Fi tinge. His latest project, Lifestyle, was a well-received body of work. It showed off his talents in a way that we could appreciate the stage Harry is at musically; with the understanding that he has a lot of room to grow as an artist.

Cue Run it: the song that arguably solidified his unique style and his position as a rapper. Although Run it has a slightly different vibe from Lifestyle (with a more uptempo jazz and bass influence) it is still reflective of what Harry has to offer. The MichelinShin-produced track brings together all the elements that complement Crane's flow and delivery, with a detailed beat that lets you know exactly who was behind it. It could be said that the instrumental brought the best out of Crane's voice. His playful and witty lyricism shines through on Run it with bars like,

"Bring a sweet one to the members, that's why they call it the bro code"

The music video rounds up what is a well put together track. The visuals give an authentic feel to who this 20-year-old performer really is: a guy who loves his circle and the area he's from. It remains a simple and genuine video that allows the flair of the song to take the front seat.

With all he brings to the rap scene, Harry Crane is definitely one to keep your eyes on.


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