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Cross The Tracks 2023 @ Brockwell Park

Reviewing the sold out 2023 edition of Funk, Jazz and Soul festival, Cross the Tracks. Performances from NxWorries, Kelis, Masego and more.


"Feat. Cardi B" is a cheat code

There's three things for certain; death, taxes, and a stellar Cardi B feature verse. Whilst the run up and release of her Grammy winning...


In Conversation: DARKOO

Following the release of her new single Disturbing U, which features Nigerian singer Arya Starr, The Floor Mag had the opportunity to...


The FLOOR PLaylists

New Skool melodies, throwbacks and sounds from around the world: our playlists consist of Floor favourites from our team, artists generating buzz and timeless classics. Without further ado, have a listen to what The Floor has to offer. Created and curated with love, sheer enjoyment and good vibes.


Fargo strikes again!​

The Umbrella Gang rapper came back to do what he does best and sampled some of the greatest RnB hits of the noughties. We put his renditions alongside the original tracks so you can see exactly where the inspiration came from.​


The biggest and best of every month.

May brought us nothing but quoatables, new faves and interesting collabs. Here is The Floor's take on the best of the month.


From the days where plasters were fashionable and flip phones were all the rage. The 2000s are home to some of the best bops of all time.

Think diamantes in music form (not the rhinestones, the expensive kind).


A smooth musical hug.

Updated every Sunday.


Sometimes you want to stare out of the window and think, 'why me?' 

There isn't more to say really. Just press play.

WFH Vibes

Life is always a little better with Tom Misch, Anderson. Paak and Pete Rock - especially when you've been in the same chair since 9 am.


This one is for the early risers and the overtime workers, we see you. 



#NSSuperAlbum is The Floor's weekly radio show on No Signal Radio. Every Monday at 7pm, our host and Creative Director (Paula Abu) welcomes a guest on air to explore an artist's discography from the beginning to recent times. They each play a song they believe is the BEST (not the biggest hit or favourite) from each of the artist’s studio albums. The listeners will then vote on Twitter for the best song out of the two picks, creating the artist's 'Super Album'.

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