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In Conversation With: Talia Hibbert

Talia Hibbert is growing bolder in her love for romance. "I take so much pride in telling these stories," she earnestly shares towards...


September Book Shelf

From new Zadie Smith to Kelechi Okafor's debut collection. The Floor Mag's September Book Shelf is here.


Not All Ghosts Are Scary: 'When We Were Birds' by Ayanna Lloyd Banwo

Ayanna Lloyd Banwo wants us to know that ghosts are not scary. And even when they are, they can guide us, point us towards love and steer...

SHORT Stories 

Short Stories is all about supporting the next generation of storytellers. From short tales to novel and anthology snippets. this section is dedicated to putting new and exciting work on a pedastal. Make sure to notify us of the pieces you like and the authors you want to see more of! You can also support the authors from the 'Book Extracts' section by purchasing their novels.

short stories

book extracts



Review: 'Rosewater' by Liv Little

The emotional rollercoaster of having to constantly mend the various parts of your life back together becomes increasingly familiar in...


8 Most Anticipated Reads in March

March 2023 Book List from The Floor Mag. Including To My Sisters, Mandem, When Trying to Return Home, Dazzling, Strictly Friends & Rootless


January Digital Cover: Sophia Thakur

Literature continues to shape the world that we live in. It reflects our political, economic and cultural status through the work of...


The Poet's Library is a collection of works from intrigued readers, budding new talents as well as professional poets. This section of the platform was designed to be a safe space for those who wanted to share their work with their names, under monikers or completely anonymous. If there are any pieces or writers that you particularly connect with, let us know. We always try and relay comments back to the poet!

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