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Concert Review: Daniel Caesar

Man, Daniel Caesar singing concert
Daniel Caesar performing at O2 Institute Birmingham (2018)

The gig was held in a small and intimate venue, which only added to the experience. At first, I thought seeing Daniel Caesar anywhere other than London was going to lessen the performance, but to my surprise I preferred the setting and location.

The Canadian singer opened his set with a crowd pleaser: Japanese Denim. The song set the tone for the night, one that proved to be simultaneously entertaining and mellow. His voice throughout the concert was authentic and true to his music. It was as if I was listening to his album, Freudian, through headphones. The only difference was the live band, who arguably brought his set list to life. Nonetheless, Daniel did not let them outshine him whatsoever. On certain songs, such as Best Part (Ft. H.E.R.), he would play the instrumentals on guitar himself, whilst the crowd sang along with him.

The way in which Daniel Caesar interacted with his fans was also heart-warming and genuine. During Neu Roses (a personal favourite), he came off stage, down to the front of the screaming masses where he stayed for the duration of the song. He also spoke briefly during short intervals but the focus was on the music and there seemed to be a consensus of appreciation about that. Even the lighting was minimal with no gimmicks necessary during the set or on stage; his artistry spoke for itself.


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