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Concert Review: Pip Millett Live at Islington Assembly Hall

There is no denying that there are some exceptional sounds coming out of the UK right now and singer-songwriter Pip Millett stands as proof, especially when it comes to RnB and Soul. Originally hailing from Manchester, but currently living in London, Pip Millett has continued to amaze fans and critics with her uniquely soulful voice.

We were honoured to get an invite to Pip’s London show at Islington Assembly Hall, where the venue was packed out with eager fans awaiting her arrival. To warm up the audience, opening act [K S R] who also champions from Manchester, astonished many fans with his breath-taking voice, while accompanied by an acoustic guitarist.

Pip Millett’s stage presence was like no other, she didn’t begin with a conversation or greeting she just went straight into the music, which immediately got the crowd’s attention as they cheered and clapped in her honour. Islington Assembly Hall was nearly sold out with an eager crowd both standing and seated and before they knew it the singer-songwriter was gracing the stage.

Pip opened with three of her most notable tracks from her past and present. First up was Heavenly Mother, the sixth track taken off her Lost in June EP, released in 2020. Pip then hit fans with Running featuring Grime veteran Ghetts, who unfortunately wasn’t in attendance. However Pip showcased her tender vocals while delivering such powerful lyrics, ‘Black and free, I don’t think that’s a thing no’.

Whether you’ve been following Pip’s journey from the beginning or have just recently discovered her, many will be familiar with the next track... Love The Things You Do, which was released in 2018 has had a huge success on streaming platforms. The melodic song is open to interpretation, as its lyrics can be applied to a lover or a friend, so the audience is able to relate however they choose as they sang the hook of the track,

‘Sweetness, you got my back (you got my back), and I hate to make you feel like that, this thing is not that deep, you know that I was falling for you, It's just I love the things you do’.

Since her musical debut in 2018, Pip Millett is yet to release an album but has put out an abundance of EPs and singles, including Do Well, Lost In June, and Motion Sick. Pip’s performance was a selection of track’s dating back to her earlier days, but surprised fans with an upbeat cover of the Reggae classic, Could You Be Loved by the legend that is Bob Marley. The cover was an interesting flip on the original melody and was also nice to see Pip put her soulful vocals to such a classic track.

Not to be dramatic but the rest of the night was filled with sweet performances that simply stopped time, as Pip performed various tracks from her discography including Hard Life, Deeper Dark and June, all of which reveal another part of Pip Millett’s life.

The last track of the concert was Pip Millett’s debut single Make Me Cry, a song that earned Pip a place on the well-known performance platform, ‘A COLORS SHOW’, based in Berlin. If you’re someone who is in sync with your emotions, this track is sure to make you shed a tear or two with the lyrics, ‘but it's only when I'm lonely that you seem to make me cry’, being repeated throughout and that can only allude to heartbreak. As emotional as it was, Make Me Cry still got the crowd dancing and singing their hearts out.


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