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Euphoria S2 Finale: 'All My Life, My Heart Has Yearned For A Thing I Cannot Name'

What an end to a season!

The final episode of Season 2 of Euphoria has left fans devastated in some ways but at peace in others. I think for all Sam Levinson’s (alleged) faults he continues to showcase relationships between individual characters in a mature and nuanced manner which leaves an ache in my chest.

This episode sees the final act of Lexi’s play alongside the real-time resolution for many of the characters who were forgotten about in the fallout of Nate/Maddy/Cassie.

In a big win for Nate apologists, we see Nate finally deal his father Cal (who has become a House Mother, joked one Twitter user) just desserts by having the police turn up to his warehouse where Nate hands officers a USB of all the evidence which incriminates Cal Jacobs as a sex offender. Nate also has seemingly kept his affinity for firearms, as he wields one whilst chopping it up with dear old Dad.

In the meantime, Lexi’s play still has a bigger budget than ‘Assassination Nation’ but is brought to a standstill as her big sister Cassie decides that enough is enough and calls Lexi out on her audacity to centre a play about her messy big sister.

With viewers split over whether the play was a good idea or a selfish ploy by Lexi to gain sympathy, I’d like to weigh in on the debate. I think Lexi’s play gave viewers a small glimpse of what most of us have been hoping for, a look into the friendship of Rue and Lexi. For most of Season 1, Lexi was an afterthought in the grand scheme of Rue, but watchers knew they were friends and had been for a long time. Amongst all the harsh moments we are given access to a pre-addict Rue and in reflection are seeing a post-addict Rue gain insight into how her relationship with Lexi has splintered due to her addiction and how upon regaining autonomy in her life she also is able to reconnect with those who have continued to support her on her journey.

We finally saw what I’ve been waiting for since mid-season, Maddy beating Cassie’s ass on stage and in public. When Maddy took off her shoes I screamed! Cassie also played herself when she decided to open her mouth and let the world know when she started doing the horizontal tango with Nate. But as I mentioned earlier, Sam is stitching up those non-romantic relationships seamlessly. We see a moment in the bathrooms with Maddy and Cassie where they both realise that Nate isn’t someone they want in their lives anymore.

I think the saddest moment of this season was the end of the relationship between Fezco and Ashtray. Having seen small parts of their relationship from previous episodes it was evident that this was not going to end favourably for anyone. Can I just get it on record that Ashtray (Javon Walters) is an amazing actor and I hope that we see him in future roles that really give him a chance to explore his talent in full force.


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