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"Feat. Cardi B" is a cheat code

There's three things for certain; death, taxes, and a stellar Cardi B feature verse.

Whilst the run up and release of her Grammy winning debut album Invasion of Privacy was centred around proving herself as a solo artist, the road to a possible sophomore drop has seen the Bronx native lend her hit-making touch to multi-genre collaborations. Whether she's reminding the haters that she is not one to be messed with, exulting in her sexual freedom or offering a show of support to up and coming artists and industry juggernauts alike, a Cardi feature hardly seems to miss. In no particular order, these are 10 of the best Cardi B feature verses to date:

10. Backin' It Up- Pardison Fontaine feat Cardi B

To kick start the list, we have the 2018 released, platinum certified single produced by J-Louis, Syk Sense, and Epikh Pro. Cardi's verse provides just the right fun and feminine infusion to Pardi's celebratory dedication to women.

9. MotorSport- Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B

A track often referenced for further stoking rumours of Cardi's beef with rapper Nicki Minaj (although she seemingly denies this with why would I hop in some beef/ when I could just hop in a porsche) yielded one of the most iconic verses of her career to date. A smorgasbord of raunch, addressing the haters, a self reference (you heard she, gon' do what from who? from her hit track Bodak Yellow), and a bilingual flex.

8. Twerk- City Girls feat. Cardi B

This extremely fitting link up sees a Cardi B's featured sandwiched between the City Girl's verses. A punchy verse to match a punchy Mr. Nova and Rico Love production, Cardi's simple but effective use of repetition on the 2nd half of the verse to accentuate a playful, twitchy cadence is what really makes this verse special.

7. Taki Taki- DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, Ozuna, Cardi B

This star studded global hit track might have not necessarily needed a rap verse, but Cardi's offering adds a certain grit without taking away from the moombahton/ reggaeton sound. The Spanish vocals at the end of her verse is the cherry on top. Also, who doesn't love a good crossover moment?

6. Type Shit- Migos feat. Cardi B

The Bronx native joins the Migos yet again in Culture III's "Type Shit." She follows a more laid back TakeOff verse and amps up the energy. When Cardi starts a verse with "Look," you know she means business (see also: Clout). She reminds us that by this point of her career, she had not only bodied the music business, but made a name for herself in the fashion one too; All these verses I done slayed/ all these looks that I done gave.

5. Thotiana (Remix)- Blueface, Cardi B, YG

This Cardi verse firmly plants itself in the list of guest features that bodied the original artist, as well as the other guest features. Cardi took a song whose only redeeming quality was a catchy chorus and made it worthwhile to listen to more of it, if it meant eventually hearing her verse.

4. Right Now- Phresher feat. Cardi B

Bardi perfectly matches Phresher's energy in this high energy Brooklyn x Bronx meet up. She goes hard without compromising the technical quality of the verse, and has what is arguably her most impressive flow switch not once, but twice in the same verse. She reminds the naysayers once again that she wants all the smoke; Throwing shade and talking that shit/ Please do all of that in my town...Please do all of that when I'm around.

3. Clout- Offset feat. Cardi B

In this feature on husband Offset's single, Cardi addresses the clout-chasers on her name's constant circulation in media news. She opens her verse with: Look a whole lotta people need to hear this/ It's a lotta names on my hit list, calling in (and out) all the tabloids and blogs.

A commanding flow that holds its own over a high strung Southside and Cubeatz production, and a crafty Destiny's Child reference make this a standout feature.

2. Put It On Da Floor Again- Latto feat. Cardi B

Already on the road to being one of Latto's best rap moments, Cardi's verse on Put It On Da Floor Again is likely to propel it even further. She takes Latto's iconic opener Rip me off the plastic I been actin' brand new, and raises her Put a ribbon on me I been actin' brand new, making it clear her feature is a show of support. Cardi also draws from other pop-cultural references starring women, like the LSU women's basketball national championship (led by Angel Reese who features in the video) and Britney Spears sexy dancin' in the house post-conservatorship.

1. Tomorrow 2- GloRilla feat. Cardi B

An easy pick, Cardi's feature on this GloRilla rap sermon, is a masterclass on lining up bar after bar (after bar), without suffocating the verse. A fan favourite: I don't speak dog, ho/ I don't care what no bitch say/ I stay on her mind, I got condos in that bitch head, just *chef's kiss*. This feature works so well in part because of the two rapper's similar penchant for authenticity in their lyrics; Cardi's verse isn't really a departure from Glo's, more so its spicier, older sister.

Special mentions:

  1. Finesse Remix- Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

  2. No Love- Summer Walker, SZA and Cardi B

  3. Shake It- Kay Flock feat. Dougie B, Bory300, Cardi B

  4. No Limit- G-Eazy, A$AP Rocky, Cardi B


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