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Game Of Thrones: 10 Most Iconic Scenes

We might be entering Spring, but Winter is here. The wait is finally over and it’s time to experience the fall of Westeros in all its glory. To get you in the mood for utter carnage and deceit, we’ve pieced together our most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones so far (in no particular order).

1. Danaerys’ Rebirth (S1E10)

This is our first look at the mystical element of the show through Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion: the dragons. After walking into Drogo’s burning tomb to die with her husband, Danaerys emerges unscathed (and naked naked) with three new friends. Although the dragons had been spoken about, no one knew whether they were a legend or a thing of the past. It was the event that really kickstarted Danaerys’ story as queen.

2. Dracarys! (S3E4)

Imagine acquiring the ultimate fighting army and a badass attitude for the price of nothing at all. Enter Danaerys Stormborn. Through selling Drogon for the Unsullied (and neutered) army, the Mother of Dragons went back on her deal- revealing she could speak Valyrian the entire time. She uttered the word that we’ve all come to know so well, burning the creepy-looking merchant to a crisp. There’s only so much to say about a scene that speaks for itself.

3. Red Wedding (S3E9)


Catelyn’s silent scream really stole the show. Well, so did the mutiny and violent stabbing but the expression on her face showed much more than death. It seems to be the first ‘real’ bloodbath we see. It was unexpected, gory and left everyone speechless until the credits ran. The Red Wedding also marked the murder of her son, which proved way more painful to her than her own throat being slit- wow, a mother’s love ladies and gentlemen.

4. Tyrion Kills Tywin (S4E10)

People often say ‘mistakes’ come back to haunt you. In Tywin’s case, it killed him... With an arrow to the heart... On the toilet. I think I speak for everyone when I say it was a satisfying win for Tyrion. He was seen as the outcast of the Lannister family for his dwarfism and subpar fighting skills. Although he made up for his lack of brawn with his brains, he never could please his father. As if never accepting his son wasn’t bad enough, he slept with Tyrion’s fiancée, who had been deceiving him all along. Scandal at its finest.

5. Revenge of The Night’s Watch (S5E10)

This one hurt. Not just Jon but everyone watching at home. Change is necessary but not always welcomed and when Jon brought in the wildlings to live amongst the watchmen at Castle Black, he made some enemies in the process. The episode seemed to be drawing to an end after the crows survive a battle defending their castle. Jon is then tricked by Olly (I’ll never forgive him) into leaving his room and being stabbed 5 times and in front of a plaque reading ‘traitor’. It was arguably the best cliffhanger the series has had so far. We all wondered how Jon could’ve survived such an attack. Here I thought the dramatics were left to the Southerners in the capital...

6. The Door (S6E5)

How did no one see this coming? It was right in front of every single one of us the whole time. Hodor, or should I say Wylis, was following orders from the beginning. His destiny was already predetermined before he even knew who Bran was. It definitely takes its place on the list as the saddest scene but also the one that shows the most promise. Not only does it confirm that the past and present are interlinked through wargs like Bran, but it also feeds into the fan theory and prediction that Bran could very well be the Night King.

7. Battle of the Bastards (S6E9)

You can’t talk about iconic scenes without picturing Jon Snow gripping his sword against the never-ending swarm of enemies. Jon and Ramsey face off for control over Winterfell in what I like to call ‘Snow-on-Snow Violence’. What sets this battle apart from others in the show was the reality of war it captured. The battlefield was manic and ruthless, with something happening at all times on the screen. A great example is when Jon almost suffocates beneath dead bodies. He is unexpectedly saved by the Knights of the Vale, led by Sansa and Little Finger.

8. Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor (S6E10)

It’s obvious Season 6 was packed with unforgettable moments. An honorable mention has to be Cersei’s butt naked walk of shame but showing the bounce back to the evil and brilliant character she is seemed more fitting. What better way to put her on show than when she blew up the people who put her on trial. She watched the ‘tragedy’ from the comfort of her own home with a conniving smirk. If that doesn’t scream “don’t mess with me”, I don’t know what does. Cersei killed a couple of birds with one exploding stone by exterminating most of House Tyrell in the Keep too. Margaery Tyrell’s death resulted in Cersei’s son, Tommen, jumping out of a window in the most nonchalant fashion anyone has ever seen. 9.

The Frozen Lake Battle (S7E6)

This fight really had it all. Heartfelt moments, sheer suspense and one hell of an outnumbered brawl- when that first wight tapped the lake and found it was frozen, we all knew it was going to be something to remember. The 10-minute onslaught was captivating because there wasn’t a moment of respite, but the battle was heavily overshadowed by the entrance of the Night King. Although Danaerys and her forces came to help, she lost a dragon to the Night King’s spear when he threw it with surprising force. Viserion is later retrieved by the white walkers to become a wight itself. The plot thickens and balance tips ever so slightly…

10. The Whole Damn Show.

There were so many scenes we could’ve picked for number 10. In fact, we could have numbered the list up to 20. If there’s anything that can be gathered from this article, it’s that whatever goes on in the mind of George R. R. Martin isn’t normal, like at all. The way he is able to craft scenarios and make them all intertwine to make a greater plot is what keeps viewers in anticipation. It is also the writers and producers on the show that bring Martin’s imagination to life through cinematography. These scenes wouldn’t be anywhere near as iconic without them. I hope this served as a small reintroduction to Game of Thrones in preparation for the final season. We can't wait to add more scenes to this prestigious list.


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