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Insecure Review: S4 E4 'Lowkey Losin it'

Gather round. You're most likely wondering why I've brought you all together. We need to discuss the lack of character development in Molly Carter, also known as the Complaint Queen and the Whining General (not the good kind). We are well past the beginning stages of Season 4, arguably it's been enough time for substantial growth throughout seasons 1-3, or even a clear path towards a better version of herself. Even if Molly is given the benefit of the doubt in terms of her personal growth, the improvements she's made have been small steps on the same side of the spectrum. It's just hidden behind a good job and a well-put-together lifestyle. I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

*Pauses for dramatic effect*.

From taking Andrew's time for granted to fighting with a so-called best friend over a parking space, the theme of this episode seemed to revolve around communication. This is something Molly has never been great at, hence why everyone is still wondering whether Dro is really in an open relationship to this day. The problem runs much deeper than her communication skills with others and affects how she relays and expresses her own feelings to herself. We see her in a scene with her colleagues where they assess BJ's behaviour and 'who he is' by his actions. After realising he orders way too many salads, goes by 'Bennett' and plays guitar, they came to the conclusion that he only dates Abigails. Whether their assumption was correct or not, it brought to light the idea of non-verbal communication and writers love the phrase 'don't show something, if you're not going to use it'. In that very same scene, Molly's mannerisms say that she doesn't want to stay and work whilst she verbally tells her co-workers that she's willing to stay late unprovoked, blowing off her plans with Andrew.

Now, let's talk about Asian bae. The spirit of tolerance and perseverance must be instilled in him because he puts up with a lot of what Molly does. In fact, (bar Dro) Molly has had her fair share of successful and attractive men at her disposal but is always quick to find flaws in their well-rounded character, which essentially exposes her own shortcomings. In the episode, Molly prioritised work over Andrew multiple times, leaving him to fall asleep and almost missing their dinner. When he wanted to prioritise himself in a similar way to Molly, it became a problem because it wasn't on her own terms. And this, ladies and gentlemen is the perfect example of a double standard. Molly has only ever been in short relationships and this is the first time that she has seen the person she is dating as an 'equal'. Asian bae has a good job, treats her nicely is beginning to open up to her in the way she wanted.

Funnily enough, Molly is making amends and fixing the wrong kind of relationship, and it showed in her conversation with Issa. When she was clearly in a predicament, Molly made the conscious decision not to help, in a move that looked more spiteful than logical. Reconciling with Andrew led her to say the words "you are my main priority" and she really meant it. The friendship break-up is edging closer and closer and as far as writing goes, I couldn't be happier. Insecure purposely plays into hyperreality, which is why we all relate to characters and situations so easily. Friends aren't always friends forever and losing a friend can be just as painful and awkward as any romantic relationship and we're seeing first-hand how painful it is. I hope they go through with it because it would be interesting in Season 5, to see the group dynamics and whether they stay estranged or find their way back to each other.

We didn't have to wait till next season to see a shift in how the girls interact, the baby had that covered. In previous episodes and seasons, they are partying at Coachella or talking about wild experiences in the present. Now, they are discussing relationships and support systems within the family. It was so important for them to touch on the mistreatment of black women in the healthcare system, showing that Tiffany's pregnancy wasn't just a device for comedic effect but also played a role in social commentary.

Another episode passes and Kelli the undeveloped confidant is still going out sad. With almost every other side character being explored and given depth to their personal stories, Kelli is still the one giving out sound and rational advice whilst breaking her back from carrying the comedic effort. With that being said, Kelli is mentioned in detail for the synopsis for the next episode with a love interest, so maybe Issa got my angry letters.

Something that cannot go unmentioned is Nathan's voicemail. As I said before, writers revel in leaving sneaky clues to reveals and plot twists like narcissistic serial killers. The voicemail is either leading up to an unwanted return from the Houston barber or he is simply a diversion for a far bigger and shocking moment.


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