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It’s Time to Give RHOP Her Flowers

RHOP is the underdog of the Real Housewives Franchise. The show is currently in its fifth season and only now has it gained a cult-like following like Beverly Hills and Atlanta. The show has been slow in garnering supporters (I only started watching it during the first lockdown) partly because it doesn’t display as much of the wealth and ostentation of its franchise counterparts or that's associated with Potomac. When we watch Real Housewives, we want the big houses, the jets, the over-the-top parties and lavish holiday homes. Though Potomac doesn’t have this, she has a lot of tea, shade and drama – the 3 components needed for great reality television. It’s time to give RHOP her flowers.

Here are some of Potomac’s shadiest and most entertaining moments.

1) Monique’s binder.

I’m starting this list off with one of the greatest moment in Housewives history. Monique was silent for most of part 1 of Season 5’s reunion, but when she grabbed her coloured-coded binder, we knew it was game over. She called out Gizelle and Jamal’s fake relationship, the fact that her daughters hate them together and that Jamal’s a "cheater cheater, pumpkin eater". Her read to Gizelle left us speechless and our faces looked like Andy’s.

Her read might just top Phaedra’s to Kenya at the end of season 6.

2) Karen saying Gizelle can’t dress

We’ve thought it, tweeted it, and written in our group chats; Giselle’s sense of style is horrible. From her dress sense, to her home décor – it’s all a mess. Karen finally said it and the rest of the ladies agreed.

3) Giselle’s Dad

Giselle has been rather tight-lipped about all the kids Jamal has but in an angry flurry whilst removing his mic, her Dad let it slip. ‘He got 6 or 7 baby momma’s’. That doesn’t confirm the amount of the kids Jamal actually has but it confirms what we already suspected – the man has a lot of kids!

4) Robyn’s real ancestry

Robyn and Katie spent most of season 1 and 2 debating Robyn’s ancestry. The funniest moment was where Katie screamed Robyn "You are bi-racial" and Robyn quickly fired back "I am not Bi-ra-cial". She took a test and she has 59% European ancestry.

5) Monique threatening Candiace

The ladies being on a barn was supposed to be relaxing but Candiace’s mouth was loose and Monique threatened to ‘drag her, pregnant and all’.

6) Karen’s hOmEcOmInG

The Grand Dame has never been shy to say that she’s the wife of the ‘black Bill Gates’. She grew up on a farm in Virginia and in season 4 she was welcomed back. The parade her town did for Karen was small, awkward and hilarious to watch.

7) Juan Dixon. (That’s it, that’s the title)

Juan is the best-looking husband in Housewives history. He doesn’t say much, stays out of women’s business (unlike Peter a.k.a Patricia) and looks great while doing so. All in favour of Juan having his own spin-off, say I.

8) White on White Crime

Drunk Michael Darby began to antagonise Chris and Chris threatened to beat him up. In peak Karen fashion, Michael threatened to call the police when all Chris did was push him. The wives got involved and all chaos ensued. Michael kept trying to get to Chris and it took Juan (I’m also convinced that Michael fancies Juan) to calm him down.

9) Michael Darby

At this point, just hand Michael Darby a champagne glass because he carries the show on his back. The ladies went away for a relaxing weekend at Monique’s lake house and Michael made Ashley take baby Dean so he could cheat in peace.

10) Monique and Candiace’s fight

This has been the main storyline for all of season 5 and frankly I’m tired. The fight was deadly. Candiace is a provocateur and Monique is truly mad. But anyway, are you team Monique or team Candiace?


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