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July Music Wrap-Up

With lockdown restrictions easing globally, artists are giving us summer vibe songs for our socially-distant gatherings and BBQs. The world’s global pandemic brought the world to a standstill in many ways, but new music was one thing that couldn’t be silence. The music released this month is eclectic and full of surprises, just like the events of 2020, we never know who’s going to pop up next.

Pop Smoke – Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon (Album)

Pop Smoke’s posthumous album is the month’s most bittersweet listen. The album incorporated Pop Smoke’s signature London drill sound as well as his take on R&B. The album is great, like really great, but every listen is tinged with an element of gloom as you’re reminded of a budding life and career cut brutally short.    

Headie One x Drake – Only You Freestyle

Drake is an accent chameleon, sometimes he’s Caribbean, sometimes he’s from West Africa but on this track, he was from London. Headie flowed perfectly and effortlessly on this track (as usual). It was the link up we’ve been expecting and deserved.

Koffee – Lockdown

A perfect island vibe to mark the end of lockdown.

Flo Milli – Ho, why is you here? (Mixtape)

In the great words of Joseline Hernandez, ‘ho why is you here’?  The debut mixtape from Flo Milli is definitely something for the girls, for summertime to get ready and lit to.



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