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Love & Hip Hop: Top 10 Songs

Love & Hip Hop is infamous for being a show about artists, who seem to never release music. If you’ve ever watched the show, you know what I’m talking about. But if you’re unfamiliar, let me explain it to you. At the end of every season (and I mean every season), there’s a montage of all the cast members. They relay all that’s transpired over the season, how they’re done with the drama and that they’re now focusing entirely on their music. They are ‘focusing’ on music, but music somehow doesn’t get released. Or perhaps it gets released, and we don’t hear it

But there are some artists who actually managed to get songs out of the studio and onto our streaming services. Here my top 10 picks:

1. Rasheeda - Marry Me

My name Rasheeda, I rap like Shawty Low as K. Michelle accurately said. You’ve perhaps seen this meme circulating on the internet. Rashida vibing out to her song that she thinks is brilliant and her husband’s face suggesting he hates it. The song is bad, but so catchy that I often find myself singing, put it on and make him wanna marraaaay me.

2. Karlie Redd - Louie, Prada, Gucci

I don’t know what Karlie Redd was thinking when she made and even went as far as to rehearse this song, but it made for some brilliant television. From the camera zooming in on her feet not being able to find the beat, to Stevie J having his A&R thinking cap on and Joseline waltzing in to disrupt the session – it was all a mess but gave us some unforgettable moments in the process.

3. Momma Dee – In That Order

Whatever made Momma Dee make this song is still a mystery but I’m glad she gave us a 50 and fine anthem.

4. Momma Dee – I Deserve

This song was created in response to Earl not treating her well. This (off-key) ballad is all about the love she deserves but clearly wasn't getting.

5. Maralynn – Once Upon A Time

When Draya Michelle said ‘your hoeness can get deleted’, this was the song that she had in the back of her mind. A fitting song for an iconic statement.

6. Remy Ma – All The Way Up

Following a 6-year prison sentence, this song was Remy’s chance to make it back to the top. She went to prison at the height of her career so there was immense pressure on her return. Remy delivered and gave us something for the Summertime, for the girls to get ready to.

7. Tommie and Spice - Imma Get It

This song didn’t get the recognition it deserved. It was overshadowed by Tommie’s erratic behaviour and the entire Love and Hip Hop establishment downplaying and dismissing Spice’s international success. Despite all of this, the song is brilliant and it was the link up we didn’t know we needed. Imma Get It deserved so much more.

8. K Michelle – V.S.O.P

K Michelle was one of the most talented musicians to have graced the Love & Hip Hop Cast. She sung this song during the one of the reunion episodes before announcing her departure from the show. It was the debut.

9. Cardi B – Foreva

"If a girl have beef with me, she gon’ have beef with me forevaaaa".

This line was Cardi’s response to DJ Self saying she should make up with one of his many girlfriends she beat up. Cardi refused and came up with this iconic line. She then used it as the hook for Foreva to let everyone know, once an opp, always an opp.

10. Cardi B – Bodak Yellow

Cardi was the underdog, the regular, degular, schmegular girl from the Bronx who no one took seriously. There are a few scenes between her and DJ Self which have aged like fine wine. She spent much of her first season on the show begging and persuading DJ Self to play her music on his radio show but he refused. Fast forward to 2017, Bodak Yellow is released and Cardi B’s career is completely transformed.


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