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Madz Brings The Madness

The Floor Magazine Launch

A typical yardstick of a good performer is how well they can invigorate a crowd who are somewhat unfamiliar with their songs. It’s a hard task, it’s like trying to befriend a cautious and sceptical stranger. Madz had limited time to gain our trust and get us to engage but he did it with the greatest ease. 

He opened his set with Put You On. A clear crowd favourite as the infectious track was stopped by the scratching from DJ SD's deck and sections of the crowd started screaming "Reload it".  His set flowed effortlessly into Indecisive, Saucin', Smile For Me and Love U Better. It didn’t take much persuasion before those lingering at the back were drawn to Madz’s energy and cutting flow. Before he knew it, what was before him was a crowd of people, flashes moving as they lapped up his performance. 

Despite being in the infancy of his music career, Madz's crowd engagement is second to none and the stage is not an unfamiliar playground.  He moved with confidence, swagger and fluidity across a platform he is evidently ready for. We think 2019 is going to be a great year for Madz and are excited to see all it has to offer him.


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