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Nene Leakes' Most Memeable Moments

NeNe “Linnethia”Leakes is a reality television icon. Even if you’ve never watched an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you’ve most definitely slipped in a ‘Whewww Chile, the ghetto’ to describe something or someone, or even used one of her many gifs on twitter. Here’s the history and meaning behind some of Nene’s most prolific, hilarious and most-used memes.

1. Wheww chile, the ghetto

Kenya Moore was still fairly new to the cast of RHOA after having joined in Season 5. In the show’s sixth season, NeNe decided to take a visit to Kenya’s ‘temporary’ house. In terms of the distance and grandeur, it was a long way from the big houses of Buckhead. NeNe was appalled by the apartment and even more so by the fact that Kenya had a white refrigerator.

2. NeNe is gifted a rolex

During season 4, NeNe’s business partner started to get a bit too friendly with her. He tethers the thin line between awkward flirtation and pure creep energy. He gifts her a Rolex, she’s hesitant to accept it but then decides it’s the best thing because ‘Bling bling bling, bi*tches is mad’. The 5-minute clip has too many quotables, so just watch and enjoy.

3. Stay out of women's business

Though NeNe’s statement was an insult to Peter, it can be interpreted as a message to men to stay out of feminist discourse and keep their unsolicited opinions on women to themselves unless they are seeking to distmantle patriachy. In this essay I will…

This iconic line came from an argument between NeNe, Greg and Peter. For context, Greg is NeNe’s husband and Peter is Nene’s former best friend’s ex-husband. At the time, NeNe and Cynthia were best friends and Peter was still married to Cynthia (I hope you’re still following this RHOA family tree). Greg tried to fight Petter for disrespecting NeNe. Nene then started fighting Peter for how he had been disrespecting her and she then says the feminist mantra. You can watch the whole clip for context or fast forward to 5.40.

4. We see each other

Kandi and NeNe have always had a tumultuous relationship and have spent most of NeNe tenure on the show arguing. In season 7’s reunion episode, the ladies have yet another argument and agree to disagree, deciding that they’re better off as being cordial and declare ‘We see each other’.

5. Now why am I in it?

In the same episode as ‘We see each other’, Nene sits silently on the sofa and attempts to mind her business. After arguing with Kandi, she decides to sit out of the drama. She hears her name mentioned and you can honestly see the disappointment and irritation all over her face.

6. When NeNe said what she said

In yet another argument between Kandi and NeNe (wow, these women really don’t like each other), Kandi blasts NeNe for mentioning her mother in a passing comment. The comment wasn’t shady, or rude, but Kandi is viciously defensive of her Mum - almost to a fault. Even if Mamma Joyce - as she’s warmly known - is in the wrong, Kandi will defend her to the death. Nene was defiant and was not going to resile from her initial comment about Mama Joyce. Nene was never going to apologise because as Nene clearly stated “I SAID WHAT SAID”.

7. When NeNe was depositing Trump cheques and became very rich b*tch

Nene has been getting Trump cheques long before the first stimmy dropped at the start of the pandemic. The Trump Cheque she got from The Celebrity Apprentice must have been pretty sizeable and in true Housewives fashion, she bragged, stunted on and money-shamed the other cast members for not being on her level. Sheree was arguing with Nene for allegedly trying to stop her bag. In an attempt to try and be the bigger person, she leaves the table and says how much of a hater Sheree is.

8. So nasty, and so rude

So it was actually Kenya who said this line as an insult to NeNe. But in true NeNe fashion, she remained unperturbed, mimicked Kenya and made it into the soundbite we know all and love today.

9. Nene vs Claudia Jordan

This was the only time Nene was out-shaded. Even though she lost this shade-off to Cluadia, she still managed to give Twitter one of their favourite memes.

10. Close your legs to married men

This was Nene’s word of advice to her former friend Kim Biermann after she was allegedly sleeping with married men.


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