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On Repeat: Samm Henshaw drops 'Grow' from upcoming Album

Samm Henshaw drops single Grow, accompanied by a visual starring himself as Sonny and his love interest, Selah played by Tiana Major9 . Grow is the second episode from his forthcoming debut album Untidy Soul set to drop later on in the year.

The Samm Henshaw and Jim Pilling directed visual is undoubtedly romantic. Shot on grainy film, viewers are transported to dreamlike images of a young couple trying to make it work. The singer gorgeously waxes poetic about the growing pains that come with loving someone. With his soulful voice in accompaniment, Henshaw makes even the bumps and hurdles in their relationship look aspirational.

"Grow is just a song about understanding that the hard parts of a relationship (any relationship) are necessary for growth & strength and that we shouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble" - Samm Henshaw on the single.

The recently released offerings from the Untidy Soul series are some of the artists earliest work after splitting with his label. It will be exciting to watch newly independent Samm Henshaw continue to flex his creative independence with his velvety voice and stellar visual.


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