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Ones To Watch Vol. 11

Here are 5 up-and-coming artists you need to add to your playlist. Listen to the Ones To Watch playlist here.

Sasha Keable - Hold Up

Sasha Keable is a proud Colombian South-Londoner. Though the two cultures couldn't be more diametrically opposed, Sasha wears both identifiers as a badge of honour, letting them shape her music and define her personhood. After a 2-year hiatus, she's back to music and has released Hold Up - a classic R&B song layered with powerful, soulful crescendos and lyrics that detail a story of love gone wrong.

Dear Silas - Out The Way

Meet Dear Silas. A Mississippi-native whose sound perfectly combines Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul. His flow is sharp, infectious and almost resembles a percussion instrument. Dear Silas changes the pitch of his voice to resemble a high hat and bends his voice to add depth to his unique flow and the stories he tells.

Rae Khalil - IS IT WORTH IT

Rae Khalil is the newest signee to Anderson .Paak's label, Apeshit. Already a Grammy-award winning songwriter for Paak's Lockdown, 2024 is the year she pens songs only for herself. On IS IT WORH IT, Rae Khalil' swings between R&B, jazz, retro-soul and funk, whilst offering euphoric production and warm storytelling.

Baaba J - Sunshine

Baaba J is a singer, songwriter and film maker from Tema, Ghana. On Sunshine, Baaba J teams up with Grammy nominated producer to create a song about the acceptance of self and love lost. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Koffe, Asa and Imagine Dragons, Baaba’s unique artistry effortlessly creates room for her to weave together smooth Soul, Afro indie and folk sounds, with an alternative twist.

Lady Heroine - Sadie

Lady Heroine are a rock band hailing from Florida. One may say their sound is almost undefined, but it's best described as experimental with their songs ranging from sweet melodic pop to heavy rock. Whatever the style of music, lead singer Kait Francisco's croon works perfectly with every melody.


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