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AdeJosh EP Review: All For Me

Spring is often welcomed by queuing up Amerie - Why Don’t We Fall In Love, and summer has been welcomed by AdeJosh ’s new EP, All For Me . He opens the album by softly crooning : "Gyaldem season", the mantra of City Boys worldwide, and the inspiration for his EP artwork. The GTA-esque cover is him playing into the assumption from friends and fans thinking he’s a ladies man. “ The inspiration behind the cover was that people see me and automatically think I’m a 'ladies’ man' with a lot of attention from women, but that’s not necessarily the case. This EP and the cover illustrate my innocence and my focus. My focus is on building greater and fulfilling purpose. His EP is just short of 10 minutes, and over 4 tracks he and collaborator, producer ATG Musick, meld sweet melodies with perfect alté drum patterns creating a soundgasm. With Rema being an artist he would love to work with, it’s not a surprise to hear the similarities. The project was born after a month of back-to-back sessions with ATG Musick, “ We were finding new ways to test new sounds, while expressing my truth on this project”. Having met ATG through church and remaining close from a young age, he warmly compares working with him to Playing FIFA with your cousin . Though only being two years ago, the pandemic feels like an oddly-distant memory. We all had various methods of getting through lockdowns; some of us did 10,000 steps a day, others incessantly baked banana bread, and others like myself used music. 2 years later and hearing Owner instantly transports me to the first moment I heard it on No Signal Radio. For many artists, COVID stifled creativity, cancelled tours, pushed back release dates and meant we were forced to experience summer songs locked in doors. In spite of all of this, AdeJosh isn’t bitter when I asked him what it’s like to have been featured on a lockdown anthem. “It’s all a part of history, the same way they speak about past world events, people are going to speak about 2020 when the world stood still. Thankfully, a record like 'Owner' was on hand to make people feel good and normal again. 'Owner' is a song that is never going to leave the hearts of the people. During lockdown I was still able to work, and release songs like 'Owner' with Oluwajbeats, Keys The Prince & Charlie Mase, and 'Good Love' featuring Oxlade. I was also able to perform this track at the virtual Wireless Festival, so it was really one of the many blessings in disguise that I’ve faced.

Spring is often welcomed by queuing up Amerie - Why Don’t We Fall In Love, and summer has been welcomed by AdeJosh’s new EP, All For Me....

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