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In Conversation With: MORGAN

From being signed to Rudimental’s label to collaborating with the likes of Digga D and Kaisen, there is no stopping MORGAN who is clearly destined to be a worldwide superstar. But it’s her addictive track ADCT that really got people’s attention as it recently resurfaced online and went viral on TikTok. The track earned MORGAN over 3 million streams on Spotify. The singer-songwriter has also been releasing mash-up freestyles on Instagram for a while now, which have garnered global attention even from the likes of rapper, Drake. Taking a trip down memory lane, MORGAN explained she always wanted to become a musician from as early as her primary school days, "I knew I was destined for stardom, I was applying for talent competition when I was 8 years old, when I got a little bit older I would often DM my favourite artists." When MORGAN was in her teens, she sang in her church choir along with studying GCSE Music. While she continued to grow as a person, MORGAN began to find her style and started to write poetry which would later turn into song lyrics, "I love how melodic poetry is and it’s amazing how you can translate those words into song lyrics." However, it’s MORGAN’s musical household that really amplified her love for music as both parents were equally as passionate, "I grew up with a home studio, so music was a constant in my house, my Dad who is Jamaican would often play artists like Buju Banton, Janet Kay and Tippa Irie. I have also tried to represent my Jamaican roots through my own music." Apart from Reggae music, MORGAN’S Mum and Dad would also play a variety of sounds from UK Garage to more soulful sounds like Angie Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire and Michael Jackson, "I appreciate all artists and genres no matter the sound." Nevertheless, it was in 2005 where Popstar and entrepreneur, Rihanna released her debut album Music of the Sun , this is where MORGAN began to explore her own taste in, "my Dad used to buy all of Rihanna’s albums, I was heavily inspired by her work and when she became an entrepreneur it honestly blew my mind." Fast forward to the current day and MORGAN has been nothing but consistent when it comes to her music, describing herself as a multi-talented artist who doesn’t like to restrict herself to any genre, "I want to be the first Black female Pop artist to conquer the world, music is about making things work and in the new year I plan to be very experimental, not one song will sound the same." The past two years for Morgan have been a whirlwind of a journey. It was her addictive track ADCT that resurfaced last year, after three years of its original release, it instantly struck MORGAN to stardom with over 3 million views. "My friend sent me a snap saying my song is going crazy online, I genuinely thought it was one of my latest tracks, I was pretty surprised when I realised it was ADCT as it was released on Soundcloud in 2018, so immediately I decided to rerelease it". If you're unfamiliar with MORGAN’S melodic track ADCT , then you will most definitely be familiar with the single Be the One, which she features on alongside Rudimental, Tike and Digga D. Originally Be the One was an Afrobeats track, however, Rudimental’s Kezzy implanted the Garage remix and thought it needed a rapper’s touch with no other than, rapper Digga D. Being signed to Rudimental’s label meant that collaborating with them would feel so much more natural, "I prefer authentic/organic connections when it comes to collabs." However, the initial link up between MORGAN and Rudimental happened a few years back when she went on tour with them. In the future MORGAN is keen to collaborate with a variety of artists no matter the genre, if she could join forces with any artist male artist right now it would be 6LACK, "He’s hard, he’s my favourite male artist, his voice is out of this world." MORGAN also insisted she is eager to enforce the idea of female empowerment back into the music industry and would love to work with the ever-growing female artists coming out of the UK, "I’d love to work with more female artists, especially Kali Claire, Shaybo, Jorja Smith, Enny, these girls have been killing it!" So, what’s next for MORGAN, you may ask? With so much talent and skill, it is clear MORGAN is about to have a phenomenal year. "Expect lots of projects, festivals, headline shows." The singer-songwriter also has plans to connect with her fans on a deeper level whether that’s at a pop-up or an open mic event. Listen to MORGAN's latest single - You're Worth It

From being signed to Rudimental’s label to collaborating with the likes of Digga D and Kaisen, there is no stopping MORGAN who is clearly...

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