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Insecure Review: S4 E2 'Lowkey Distant'

Episode 2 was in essence, Molly’s side of the story. Having seen the situation only from Issa’s perspective until this point has undoubtedly influenced our judgement; this time, we see hints that indicate Molly isn’t the only one at fault when it comes to the aforementioned demise of their friendship, as seen in episode 1’s flashforward. Here are my thoughts on this week’s episode. So currently, we’re at three months before the block party, and we can see that Andrew (Asian Bae) has been dealing with some problems. Whether they’re family or work related is unknown, but the fact that he’s not sharing it with Molly does mean that the fear she has that their relationship is simply sexual isn’t entirely baseless. I’m sure we all felt sympathy for her when she attempted to get him to open up during their dinner date to which he responded, “everything really is always a problem with you,” which I felt was uncalled for. She was simply just trying to connect with the guy on a deeper level, though I admit I wished she’d read the room a little bit better and approached the situation with a little more tact.
Issa had no chill this week. Her dismissive response to Molly saying she’ll put her pussy on pause with Asian bae had me looking at her in disapproval as it just wasn't very nice. Not only did she laugh derisively, but also shook her head with a sceptical glance that was as dry as her laugh. To add insult to injury, when Molly attempted to call Issa to vent, she couldn’t answer because she was at the ScHoolboy Q concert with Condola. It seems like Issa only has enough time for one bestie. This became evident during the lunch date. Molly had come with stuff she needed to offload, and Issa took it upon herself to tell Condola “we're just going to be talking the same old shit, just add your shit to our shit." Molly’s subsequent side-eye didn’t say a thousand words, just one: ‘really?’ Issa and Condola’s friendship is blooming blissfully - though we can see a blight on the horizon – (Lawrence’s discomfort) but the last thing a person with problems wants to do is vent in the presence of a person they don’t know very well. I’m sure Issa knows that, and it’s just another way she was moving ‘lowkey distant.’ The shot of them trying to share the menus? Hilariously damning, if you ask me. The final nail in the coffin was their self-care Sunday hike. Issa came with all shots and no shade when she told her "sometimes I'm like, 'Do you want to be happy?' I'm sorry, I'm just... Aren't you tired? Because I'm tired for you," suggesting that maybe Andrew and Issa are on to something and Molly actually does create her own problems. This reminds me of season 2 ep. 2 when she went to therapy. It was obvious she had some stuff to unpack, but whether or not she actually unpacked it is unclear. The fact that Andrew called to apologise and she told Issa it was just ‘work shit’ was an indication that Issa was no longer her go-to. Notwithstanding, I can’t say I didn’t understand her reaction, as it came across as Issa trying to give Molly that same ‘we’re just holding each other accountable’ energy that she was dishing out last week. That being said, I’m loving the friendship between Issa and Condola. Firstly, they are serving us looks with those natural hairstyles, and the fact that the sex portion of relationships are taking a back burner to focusing on actual dynamics shows that we’re all capable of growth and self-improvement. Some of my other highlights included TSA bae, of course, he’s just the embodiment of unconventional in this show; from his full figure to the normalisation of asking Issa to put her finger on his prostate as he orgasms, it’s a general consensus here at The Floor: we stan. We saw that Chad back in top form with his warnings to Lawrence about how Issa and Condola would ‘start a podcast about his dick,’ which had me cracking up. Despite that, it did raise the feminist hairs on the back of my neck how Lawrence went behind Condola’s back to talk to Issa – his insecurity better not come between their flowering sisterhood. The only character funnier than him is Kelli – I hope she finds the circus freak she’s looking for. All in all, I hope that they delve a little more into the psyche of this insecurity men feel when their ex and girlfriend become friends, as well as Molly getting to the bottom of her self-made problems. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see their friendship repaired? I won’t get my hopes up, but a girl can dream.

Episode 2 was in essence, Molly’s side of the story. Having seen the situation only from Issa’s perspective until this point has...

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